Our main goal is customer satisfaction because after all, we wouldn’t be here without the client.  Our expertise is wide and varied. We are interested in your project no matter how large or small.

Project Management

Project Management teams at Arris are trained to manage Nationwide open store remodel projects.  We understand the critical nature of these projects and the impact that working in open stores has on customers and owners.  With this knowledge our PM team actively works with field personnel to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and always ensuring the safety of everyone around.

Coordination Process

Prior to the start of any project, Arris Project Managers and Field Superintendents will coordinate with facility managers and owners PM’s to ensure project success with minimal impact to store.  This coordination process at the beginning of each project ensures that all parties understand the schedule and when tasks will be completed.  We make a Team environment between Arris, Owners, and Customers.

Reporting and Communication

In our 24 years of experience, we have learned the most valuable item is continuous reporting and communication with our customers.  Arris Field Personnel work directly with Facility Managers and provide Daily reporting to ensure all are aware of progress and job issues as they arrive.   Daily communication keeps everyone up to date and prevents unknowns at end of projects

Commissioning and Project Close Out

The most important step in any construction project is Commissioning and Project Closeouts.

  • Commissioning phase ensure the owner is receiving what was purchased and designed.  Along with ensuring that the system is operating efficiently.  Proper commissioning is paramount to a project’s overall success.
  • Arris Project Management team works closely with owners in closing out each project.  We understand that each owner is unique in closeout requirements, but each requirement is valuable.  A Project is deemed successful when not only the work is complete, but when we have completed the required documents.

Please take a look at some examples of past projects.

Food service
restroom remodels
retaining walls
First responder
asphalt parking lots
travel centers
real estate development build outs